Natalie St. Cyr, MA, LMFT

Psychotherapist | Marriage and Family Therapist

Integrative Psychotherapy

Natalie St. Cyr, M.A., LMFT received training in clinical psychology and has a license in marriage and family therapy.

Integrate a program to reach your full potential.

Evidence-Based Therapy

Integrative psychotherapy consists of interventions to optimize mental, emotional and physical functioning.
The Integrative Practice:

The practice of integrative psychotherapy responds to the "whole person" appropriately and effectively at the emotional, behavioral, cognitive, spiritual, and physiological levels of functioning. The goal in therapy is to help you live an improved quality of life. Natalie St. Cyr, MA, LMFT utilizes the framework of integrative psychotherapy that incorporates a customized holistic treatment plan for each client. The framework includes evidence-based techniques and useful tools to cope. Collaboratively, she works with her clients integrating psychodynamic, solution-focused, mindfulness-based, and transpersonal theoretical approaches. Integrative therapy is beyond "talk therapy" since it is primarily interactive and the focus is based on finding solutions and getting results.

INTEGRATIVE Psychotherapy

Utilizing a holistic and wellness approach to therapy

Individual therapy

Depression | Anxiety | Interpersonal Relationship Issues | Work-related Stress | Life Transition


Communication | Intimacy | Trust | Financial Infidelity | Romantic Connection

Family Therapy

Parenting | Co-Parenting | Blended Families | Preschool Preparation | Separation Anxiety

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Mentoring | Mindfulness | Complementary and Alternative Interventions | Transpersonal

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Natalie St. Cyr, MA, LMFT